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Reliable Florida counselors implement effective strategies to protect assets in divorce cases

Without sufficient assets, it is extremely hard to move forward after a divorce. At Greco Law, PLLC in Fort Lauderdale, we understand the importance of protecting assets brought into the marriage as well as those acquired during the marriage, and we use proven strategies to obtain favorable results in equitable division proceedings for clients throughout Broward and Palm Beach counties. We have decades of experience in divorce-related matters and know how to accurately determine the best legal options to protect your interests. Whether you need assistance establishing assets as separate property, have questions about how property division in divorce works or are looking for comprehensive strategies to safeguard assets, we will review your situation and give you the knowledgeable counsel you need to make informed decisions.

Defining marital property

Only marital property is subject to division in divorce, and understanding which specific assets fall into the marital estate can help you anticipate how much you should receive. The law defines marital property as:

  • Assets or debts acquired during the marriage
  • Any appreciation or increase in value of non-marital assets during the marriage
  • Interspousal gifts
  • Certain retirement benefits
  • Commingled assets, i.e., non-marital assets improved or enhanced using marital funds or resources

Deciding which assets and liabilities may be marital property can be complex, and we will carefully examine how the law could apply in your case.

How are assets and liabilities typically divided?

Under Florida law, marital assets and debts are divided according to what the judge thinks is fair unless the parties reach an agreement on their own. While this might mean a 50/50 split, this is not always the case. Factors courts use to assess how to fairly divide the marital estate include:

  • The contribution of each spouse to the marriage
  • The length of the marriage
  • The financial resources of each spouse
  • Contributions of one spouse to the career or education of the other spouse

Determining what type of split would be appropriate is very case specific, and we will diligently work to uncover any and all information that could support your case.

Protecting your assets

While having a pre- or postnuptial agreement is the optimal way to protect assets, there are still things you can do to defend your property interests without one, including:

  • Inventory all assets and liabilities
  • Take photos of all joint property
  • Make copies of all important documents
  • Get an appraisal of any valuable property
  • Obtain proof of gifts or inheritances

An experienced attorney can help you identify additional strategies, especially if there is a business interest or complex property portfolio involved, and we know which tactics to use to maximize your chances of securing a fair portion of the marital assets.

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